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Group sessions will be run by Diversity Hub staff. Our team can assist you to participate in activities, or you are welcome to bring 1:1 staff with you. If you require 1:1 support from a member of our team, please get in touch so that this can be arranged prior to the session.

If you would like to use the Hub and its facilities without participating in group sessions, then please drop in and make yourself at home….. There’s plenty of space and things to do!

Thriving Thursdays!

We have fun filled Thursdays taking place at Diversity Hub. We have just finished going around the world themes and are currently having festive Thursdays.
Come along dressed up if you want to

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Diversity are now working in Partnership with Bury Leisure Centre working towards bringing back the very popular Big Splash Sessions! You will see our staff in and around sessions if you pop up and have a swim!


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